Todo List

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This is a living post that will try to summarise the current week's todos and plans. This will hopefully allow me to reflect on progress and let people know what's coming next.

Week ...something Todos

OK, things have not gone as expected the last month. For obvious reasons. So I'm trying to pick things up and get running again.

Todos for this week (I'm writing this on Thursday so I've done a couple!):

  • Add ChartJS to the dashboard widgets to replace the basic Sparkline chart
  • Fix formatting of numbers in widget targets and chart tooltips.
  • Finish dashboard tile revamp
  • Add on demand load button
  • Add Runway dashboard widget

Week 8 Todos

I missed week 7! The first blip in my aim to slowly progress and report things. However, I did still work on things but just didn't get round to updating the blog. So items for this week (given we're on Wednesday already a few done already too!)

  • Work on dashboard tiles - redesign and customising for the data type
  • Add basic graphs to the tiles
  • Start polishing for v1 - testing, small tidyups, help docs etc

I think I need to start pushing towards a 'finish' where I'm happy with it and can move on to seeing if anyone actually wants to use this or not! And, if not, using it myself and pushing onto the next project!

Week 6 Todos

Not sure how much time will be available this week but hoping to get the Goals and Expenses settings set up, along with a big tidy up of the main dashboard widgets. The Dashboard component is getting a bit massive so need to refactor.

  • Finish Expenses settings screen.
  • Finish Goals settings screen.
  • Refactor Dashboard component.
  • Make metric dashboard tiles less generic and better suited to the data type.

Week 5 Retrospective

A quick start to the week, fell to ruins equally quickly. A combination of a busy week with clients and a 1 year old that wasn't sleeping well resulted in little time and energy left over to hit the todo list.

That being said, I got the Roadmap published with some ideas and planned features. Nothing too organised but nice to have a list out there. I did get a start on the settings screen and probably got most of the API complete. The actual UI will spill into Week 6.

Week 5 Todos

I'm expecting an unpredictable week with available time as I've a good amount of client work to handle but hope to get a start on opening things up for customisation. By that I mean, adding expenses, goals etc. I'd also like to publish a 'roadmap' of ideas and features I'd like to create so that's online too.

  • ~~Publish roadmap of current ideas & features
  • Add settings screen.
  • Allow input of fixed expenses so profit can be calculated properly.
  • Allow input of goals

Week 4 Retrospective

Really productive and exciting week with some great progress made. The highlights being getting the demo mode working so I can show people the progress without signups/logins etc, and with some 'real-ish' data. Had a good chat with another freelance who gave me some nice ideas - it turns out it's great talking to potential users!

I had forgotten that I'd added an email signup on the homepage and had had 2 people signup - one from FreeAgent. Another reason to follow-through with this!

Week 4 Todos

Aim for this week is to be leaner and quicker. Need to get better at focussing on the important things rather than unnecessary details!

  • Fix CORS issues - bloody CORS issues are back?! Whaaaaat. OK, backend had gone down. False alarm! Fixed PM2 to use the --watch command too
  • Finish off the data caching changes.
  • More testing on signup process and fix a few bugs that are hanging around!
  • Look to create testing data - I want folk able to see this without my data!

Extras! permalink

  • Came up with quick logo for favicon etc and to use in app. Quick and dirty!
  • Got DEMO mode working! This was a massive win cos now I can show progress off to people without needing to pass creds or use my account data.

Week 3 Retrospective

Unfortunately Week 3 was a bit of a write off with illness crossing off lots of time and motivation being low even when there was! I'm hoping this was just a wee blip and isn't the beginning of the end! With that in mind I'm hoping to start afresh this week.

I did get some tweaks to the data caching strategy done so that's actually nearly complete so not all doom and gloom!

Week 3 Todos

I didn't get to finish this update before I got hit my a bad cold so things are already looking grim for progress this week! However, the following things should be achievable.

  • Switch data caching strategy to client-side (trying to avoid storing user data on the server at all)
  • More testing on signup process and fix a few bugs that are hanging around!

Week 2 Retrospective

A much quieter week in terms of time available but I set my expectations about right and got everything about from forgotten password completed. I took a decision to leave that off the list for now as the value to effort ratio isn't high enough at this stage. I can manually reset passwords if needed!

Unfortunately FreeAgent doesn't have sample accounts full of data which is a shame - and I'm certain it's something they will have internally. I think my approach will be to use my own account's data as a see and then randomise it from there to anonymise it a bit!

Week 2 Todos

Not much time predicted this week but will try to get a few things set up:

  • Basic account management (update email, change password, forgotten password)
  • FreeAgent connection management (add connection after login, revoke connection)
  • Look into getting sample data.

Week 1 Retrospective

Week 1 went really well and I think I surpassed expectations on what I'd get done. The app is essentially back to where it was before in the prototype version but obviously with a proper backend and app structure. Ideal. I had a lot more time than I will most weeks and obviously the early days enthusiasm was high!

Week 1 Todos

Let's call this week 1 since I launched the blog officially today!

  • Landing page
  • Email collecting form on landing page and blog
  • Integrate the theme I bought
  • Start on the on-boarding/signup process I actually completed this!