Tech Stack

— 1 minute read

For all the techy geeks out there I wanted to run down the tech stack used on each part of the project.

My aim was to keep things as simple as possible and not introduce too many moving parts, which I think I have done for the most part.

API permalink

The API is a NodeJS application built with ExpressJS and MongoDB. I built it on top of the Hackathon Starter project to give me a jumpstart on some of the boilerplate code.

App permalink

The main app is built with VueJS using the VueCLI. I'm using VueBootstrap for the interface elements along with a Bootstrap theme.

Blog permalink

The blog is built with Eleventy using the Hylia starter kit. I've made a couple of small changes to the layout but otherwise it is unchanged.

Landing Page permalink

The landing page is a static HTML site based on the Bootstrap Theme's example homepage. I've cut it down a lot but is largely the same.