Project Costs

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Launching a project isn't free but doesn't have to be expensive. I'll maintain this post with a breakdown of things I've spent money on.

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Server (Hetzner Cloud)~£4/month
Domain Name£2.39

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Server permalink


I use Hetzner Cloud for various other websites so it was a no brainer to just spin up a new server, reset it to a snapshot I already had that gets me 90% of the way there in terms of setup and build from there.

This is billed monthly based on usage but I expect it will be similar to my other servers and be about £4 per month.

Domain Name permalink

£2.39 had a sale on for new 1-year domains so it cost £1.99 + some admin type nonsense. Bargain!

Theme permalink


Unfortunately, I'm not a designer so I thought I'd invest in just grabbing a theme that I can modify to get a nice looking application while saving some time. Even if I just use bits and pieces from it I think I'll be ahead time-wise.