Update 16th April

— 2 minute read


  • Getting back in the groove!
  • Making some small updates

What's Going On? permalink

As the world knows Coronavirus is causing a huge impact to everything, side-projects too. In addition to lockdown I've been really fortunate to actually be very busy with client work so that's had a big impact on progress and updates here. I've had to use up evening spare time for client work and the whole anxiety and stress of the situation makes motivation a bit thin on the ground.

However, I've got a handle on client work this week so there's a bit of time to dabble on Freelance Insights once again!

Eating My Own Dog Food permalink

I started building Freelance Insights as a tool for my own use and I'm delighted that I still do use it everyday. Perhaps it's just a vanity thing cos I like seeing numbers go up as I work and bill clients. But on top of that it does give me a sense of calm that I can see my current position so easily and make plans accordingly, or relax to know I've got a bit of breathing room.

What's Next? permalink

I've just updated the todos for this week, which is weekuntil I figure it out! There's a few small things I want to add to ease back in and just start to get the machine rolling again.

Just going to update Week <somethings>'s Todos.