Update 26th January

— 2 minute read


  • 1️⃣ Week 1 Complete!
  • 📊 Basic dashboard widgets in place

Basic Dashboard Widgets permalink

I'm basically back to where my original prototype was before starting this build, but obviously with the support structure of an actual API and app. I can log in and use Freelance Insights as I did the quick prototype, which is a great milestone to reach!

From here I can start to focus on building out proper features and expanding the product.

Next Steps... permalink

I'm not going to have as much time this week as real client work and daddy-day-care duties are going to be filling up my schedule. I guess this is the test for discipline and momentum that I've tried to build up over the last week or two. Hopefully I can keep plodding on and make small progress each day - even if it's just a few tweaks or a blog update.

I want to try and get some very early users on board soon so I think i'll need to make sure all the user-admin type stuff is in place.

It would also be great to have a 'demo' state where they can check out the dashboard before they connect their FreeAgent account. A couple of reasons this is important: people like to see what they're getting before fully committing, authorising a random app to their FreeAgent account is quite a big deal - I need to build trust quickly.

Just writing this out makes me realise a demo account to take a look at is vital even before a user makes an account. Screenshots and tour videos are fine but why not just let people use it?

Just going to update Week 2's Todos.