Update 22nd January

— 3 minute read


  • 🐦 Announced the project on Twitter
  • 🎨 Integrated the app theme

Announced the Project on Twitter permalink

This may not seem like a big deal but putting things, and myself in particular, out there is quite an anxiety inducing prospect. I'm not someone who really likes the focus on brought onto me so actually saying 'look at me, i'm doing a thing' is quite nerve-wracking. But hey, that's what this experiment is all about. And let's be honest, I have like 100 followers, who are probably mostly bots, so it shouldn't be that nerve-wracking!

Anyway, it's out there. There's no going back now!

Integrated the App Theme permalink

Last week I bought a theme to use for my landing page and app to try and help me skip the 'design paralysis' phase - I'm hoping I won't have to waste too much brain power on design tasks but rather be able to join together pre-built elements.

Fortunately the theme had an example set up for a Vue app so the integration was fairly simple. I had to disable a bunch of components which I'll re-enable should I actually need them.

I was worried the build size would bloat quite a lot but it doesn't seem too bad. Once things a bit further on I'll maybe spend some time and try and get things a little more optimised.

Landing Page Audit permalink

I forgot to include this yesterday but I spent some time (/too much time...) when I put the landing page up optimising it to get good scores in Chrome Dev Tools' Audit report. I managed to get everything up to 93+.

Chrome Dev Tools Audit Results - Performance: 98, Accessibility: 100, Best Practices: 93, SEO: 100

If I enable HTTP2 on my server then I think that'll bump Best Practices up but I've had a enough of faffing with servers for just now. The other thing was the entire Bootstrap CSS file is included and I'm using, according to Dev Tools' Coverage tool, like 5% of it. Unfortunately I haven't found an easy (and free...) tool to cut it down to just the used CSS. On a single landing page like this it should be easy, but it wasn't. It's annoying that Dev Tools will tell you exactly which lines are used and which aren't but won't just let you download the used code. Maybe in a future release.